Notes to Remember

Each day we aspire to do good work and learn something new. Its human nature to strive for growth. Then what comes between most of our dreams and success rate is the amount of focus and persistence. It goes without saying that the more you learn the greater are your chances to succeed.

Memonote achieve this goal by fast note tracking and easy study mode. When you find something you want to remember, put it in Memonote.

Feature List

  • Dropbox sync to iPhone and iPad
  • Quick Note via the Menu Bar
  • Long term memory with spaced repetition
  • Focus in full screen when review note
  • Waterfall flow view
  • Export CSV
  • Export PDF (3x5 card)
  • Search
  • System Hot-key Shortcut
  • Organize by sets
  • Theme supported
  • Share sets with Dropbox
  • Short Term Goal Memory
  • Reminder for daily review
  • Sync study progress

Features Coming Soon:

  • iCloud Sync
  • Note review statistics
  • Daily note review plan
  • And many more...